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Boerboel cerificate from Boerboel association Thumb Boerboel S Taxi from S Boerboel Thumb Boerboel S Taxi from S Boerboel Thumb Boerboel S Taxi 4 from S Boerboel
Spitsvuur Taxi (86.6%) Born 12/12/05. Shoulder height 64cm.
Spitsvuur Mandaat (85.1%) x Spitsvuur Tessa (90.8%)

        Spitsvuur Mandaat (85.1%) bred some really exceptional animals and Taxi is a good example. Off course, with the help of a female like Spitsvuur Tessa (90.8%), it is much easier.

          Taxi was very young when she was scored and will hopefully do better next time. She has got good size but everything else is excellent. She shows a lot of character and style. Probably her most remarkable features are head, muscling, chest and overall width. She is a special one.

Boerboel cerificate from Boerboel associationboerboel s nartjie from s boerboelboerboel s nartjie 2 from s boerboelsboerboel s nartjie from s boerboels

Spitsvuur Nartjie
(89.5%) Hips 0-2 Elbows 2-2. Born 24/9/06. Shoulder height 68cm. South African National Senior Champion and Grand Champion Female, Parys 2007. 
Nadizelle Fransoois (87.3%) x Doornberg Nala (83%)

           Nartjie is a large bitch but very athletic. For her size she is remarkably correct. She represents some of the best breeding sires we have used and is a worthy product of those matings. Her sire, Fransoois and grand sire Leo Boela both bred well made, correct and gentle dogs. She, like her father and grandfather, are typical Molosser in that they are laid back and not dominant towards other dogs, but good protectors of their own.

          Nartjie is an eye catcher and  the choice of many visitors.  At the 2007 Provincial Free State Boerboel Championships she was a first prize winner as well as Senior Champion and Grand Champion. She went on to win both the National Championship titles for Senior Champion Female and Grand Champion Female of South Africa as well.

boerboel certificate thumb from boerboel association boerboel thumb s she jam from s boerboels boerboel thumb s she jam from s boerboels boerboel thumb s she jam from s boerboels
Spitsvuur She Jam. (80.4%) Born 9/6/05. Shoulder height 66cm.
Mauzer Macho (82.3%) 0-0 0-1 x Muller Lady 0-1 0-0.

Spitsvuur She Jam is a magnificent black daughter of the enormous Mauzer Macho and Muller Lady. This combination of the Ysterberg with Piona and Oppibult lines worked very well with her.

She Jam is a large female with an outstanding head. She shows good width thruout, with very good legs. The very pronounced back leg angulation makes her a valuable member of the breeding lineup. With her impressive head, chest, muscling, size and legs, she easily impress. Hopefully she will contribute strongly to the improvement of the black Boerboels.

boerboel certificate thumb from boerboel associationboerboel thumb m telula from s boerboelsboerboel thumb m telula from s boerboelsboerboel thumb m telula from s boerboelsboerboel thumb m telula from s boerboels
Maranata Telula. (87.1%) (Stud register) Hips 0-0. Born 28/7/07. Shoulder height 62cm.
The mating Rhode Deimos (87.9%) x Maranata Oula (86.6%), that produced Telula, was one of the most successful combinations of the breed, that produced such outstanding individuals as Maranata Brollocks (90.9%), Maranata Kia ( 89.4%) Maranata Zinzi (90%) etc. Maranata Telula was always the highest scored one of the full siblings, but was not yet rescored.
Telula has got the family trade mark of an amazing head and excellent muscling. She is a truly outstanding individual, and we at Spitsvuur Boerboels are honoured to have been able to acquire her after a very long wait. Telula will be handled with the utmost care to ensure the best possible progeny from this great genetic opportunity.  Telula is just taller than the ideal size for a Boerboel and she is very wide and strong, with a temperament to steal the hearts of everybody working with her.

boerboel certificate thumb from boerboel association thumb boerboel g meriti from s boerboels boerboel g meriti from s boerboels boerboel g meriti from s boerboels
Glanwyn Meriti (86.4%)(Stud register.) Hips 0-0 Elbows 1-1. Born 27/12/03. Shoulder height 68cm.
Dopper Hitler (87.8%) x Bekker Storm (82.8%).

Dopper Hitler proved himself as a sire of excellent dogs if used on the correct female. He obviously got that in the daughter of the famous Bekker Whiskey. The next sire in the pedigree, Vanson Yster, is the source of most of the black brindles available today.

Meriti has already bred a black daughter with her previous owner. The sire was a brown dog. Her photos was made a shade lighter to show detail, but she is actually a very dark brindle.

Meriti is a special one. She has got the style to go with the royal breeding, she has got the size to go with the intimidating appearance, she has got the correctness and finish to go with the proud way she carries herself. Despite her size, she is very correct. Her head, neck, top, rump, legs, angulation and feet are noteworthy. She is very athletic and moves with ease. She is a typical working dog with the appearance of a show dog.

boerboel certificate thumb from boerboel association boerboel b heidi from s boerboels boerboel b heidi from s boerboels boerboel b heidi from s boerboels

Bullet Heidi (88.1%) (Stud Register) Hips 0-1 Elbows 0-1. Born  22/12/03. Shoulder height 67cm.

Nostradamus Jock (89.6%)(Stud Register) x Bullet Liefie (87.3%) (Stud register). Nostradamus Jock was the very successful stud sire from a well known and high profile litter, and his mating to the darling of the Bullet lineup produced this remarkable female. We are privileged to have been able to acquire her.

        Bullet Heidi is an agile animal with very fluent movement despite her good muscle development. She has got the abilities of the working dog: Strength with athleticism, size with the best temperament the Boerboel could offer. Despite her wonderful conformation, her most remarkable trait is her temperament.

        As is evident in the photos, she is a large bitch with a very correct and well finished body. Her most remarkable conformational traits are neck, top line, legs, feet, chest and muscling. Best of all is probably the hind quarters with special mention of the angulation. She is a very safe animal to use in a breeding program and with her stately femininity she easily impress. One of her unique features are tight lips. She stays on a neighboring farm as a guard dog, and we have very high hopes for her breeding abilities.

Boerboel cerificate from Boerboel association boerboel spitsvuur tapyt from s. boerboel boerboel spitsvuur tapyt 3 from s. boerboel boerboel spitsvuur tapyt 4 from s. Boerboel
Spitsvuur Tapyt (88.3%) Hips 0-1 Born 12/12/05. Shoulder height 67.
Spitsvuur Mandaat (85.1%) x Spitsvuur Tessa (90.8%)

                 Tapyt combines two of the very successful female lines (Mollie x Tessa) at Spitsvuur and the result is very promising. Although she is a large dog she has the finish and balance of a small dog. Like her mother Tessa, she moves with grace and ease, on perfect legs with lots of muscle and bone. As the photos show, she is outstanding in head, neck, top, rump and legs. We hold her in very high regard and expect great things from her. Special mention must be made of her temperament. She is very sure of herself, at ease in any company, unafraid of anything, but not dominant to other dogs. She has got tight lips.

boerboel certificate thumb from boerboel associationboerboel thumb o dina from s boerboelsboerboel thumb o dina from s boerboelsboerboel thumb o dina from s boerboels
Ossewa Dina.(85.9%) (Stud Register) Hips 0-0 Elbows 0-0. Born 18/2/03. Shoulder height 65cm.
Linjo Gunter (89.3%) x Denmar Lizalda (84.6%).

 Linjo Gunter brings together the good characteristics of Avontuur Alfons (94%) and (again) the Linjo Maski daughter of Ingred Zabor. Denmar Lizelda is a daughter of the well known Esfa Sakkie (88.8%) out of a mother line that runs via Maestro Ounooi (86.3%), Piona Mossie and Smit Tinka. This pedigree explains the good conformation and breeding capabilities of Ossewa Dina.

Ossewa Dina is a large, correct female with great breeding capabilities. Despite her slightly long muzzle, she has a good head with a well developed neck, straight top, strong hindquarters,correct legs and a wide chest. Her temperament is her best asset. She is alert, protective and calm.

boerboel certificate thumb from boerboel association boerboel donna 1 from s boerboels boerboel donna-03 from s boerboels thumb boerboel-altyd-donna-02 from spitsvuur boerboels

Altyd Donna (85.3%) (Stud register) Hips 0-0 Elbows 0-0. Born 1/8/03. Shoulder height 68cm.

Ysterberg Stefaans 2 (88.7%) x Ysterberg Tosca (79.9%)

 Donna was the only dog we selected on a tour to find some new blood. She possesses what the Boerboel needs: Temperament, conformation and pedigree. She is inbred to the legendary Ysterberg Vegter (85%).

It will be hard to find a better Boerboel specimen than this bitch. She is tall, wide, heavy, strong and well made and finished. Her head and correctness is noteworthy. She has got a strong drive. This is a good one.

Boerboer certificate thumb from boerboel association. thumb boerboel s mokka from s boerboel boerboel mokka from s boerboels boerboel spitsvuur mokka 2 from s. boerboel boerboel mokka-03 from s boerboels

Spitsvuur Mokka. (89.8%) Stud register. Hips 1-1 Elbows 0-0 Born 24/4/05. Shoulder height 64cm.

Mokka is again the product of the Caberet Klein Buks (87%) x Spitsvuur Mollie (87.1%) mating. She is the last of that mating and according to many, the best. 

Mokka is sleek but still well muscled. She is impressive and intimidating but still feminine and gentle. Despite her extreme style and beauty she is still functional and easy to work with. She carries herself like a queen, but she is as willing to work like a slave.There is very little to criticize except the fact that there is only one of her kind. She features very strongly in our plans for the Spitsvuur Boerboels of the future and it seems as if she is improving on her appearance every day. I agree with a large group of people that rate her amongst the top in the Boerboel breed.

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